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What is the sign up process?

There are 3 steps to signing up!

1. You can sign up online or via one of the links provided by our staff members.

2. You will need to provide 3 proofs of identification when setting up any account with us. This is a requirement of the Department of Justice and for our records only. Proofs of ID are as follows:

- a. Proof of ID of all company directors(Passport or Drivers licence for each company director)

- b. Proof of company Existence (Copy of CRO Letter / Copy of Certificate of Incorporation etc.)

- c. Proof of Account Holder Business or Home Address (eg. Utility Bill)

What addresses are available?

Your address will be located in the heart of Dublin City.

Your address will be:

6 - 9 Trinity Street
Dublin 2
D02 EY47

How soon will I get my address?

You can use your new Dublin address right now! Post will be held until the sign up process is complete

How long does it take to set up my account?

Set-up takes 1 business day after you have completed the sign up process

Will I be locked into a contract?

All services require agreeing to a 3-months contract period and are subject to a 1-month rolling contract thereafter.

What other charges should I expect on my bill?

You will be charged for phone calls made on your behalf, postage sent, additional calls answered and calls you make using the mobile client. The calls are charged at standard eircom rates and post at current postal rates.


How do I pay for my account?

Your account is paid monthly in advance by debit card,credit card or by direct debit. Calls and other charges are billed at the end of each calendar month. You will receive an invoice from us by email detailing all of the charges applied.

What are your Live Call Answering opening times?

We operate between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. We close Bank Holidays and Irish Public Holidays and for 1 week over the Christmas period. Our Voicemail system can be set to answer your calls during these times.

How does your Live Call Answering work?

We use custom made software which "screen pops" your company details as soon as the call rings the receptionists. All the information about your company is available on-hand, including how to answer the call, what responses to give, company contacts, web addresses & email accounts. We can also tailor this software to suit your needs.

How many calls are included in the Live Call Answering?

We include 50 to 120 answered calls per month, depending on your package before additional charges are applied. Please review our Live Call Answering section for more information.

We prefer to answer our own calls, can you provide us with a local number?

Yes, we have a Dublin number only service and a Silver Plan dedicated for this type of service. The local 01 number will be forwarded to any number of your choice at any times you choose, unnoticeable to the caller.

Can I change the number that my virtual office account forwards to?

At the moment you will have to contact us to change this number but as often as you wish. We will have a new service shortly which allows you to do this easily via our web site.

I am interested in the services and the voicemail option, who does the recordings?

If you provide us with a script we will happily record your voicemail greetings for you. We also have a standard greeting we record which most of our clients are happy with.

How do I get my Voicemail Messages?

1. Your voicemail is sent immediately by email as a WAV attachment.

2. You can dial into the server using a local 01 number and following the prompts.

3. We can give you access to a web portal where you can view, download and delete your voicemail messages

What is Queue Messaging?

Queue messaging is what callers hear when waiting to connect to any service on our system. The call could be forwarded back to your mobile but the caller will be unaware of this forward and be listening to hold music and pre-recorded messages during the transfer. There are 4 types of hold music options (see here for samples). More info is available here.

Dublin Office Centre info@dublinofficecentre.ie 6 - 9 Trinity Street, Dublin 2, D02 EY47, Ireland
Tel: +353 (0)1 676 4000 Fax: +353 (0)1 676 4004 Post Enquiries: +353 (0)1 612 7000